Peter is an engineer working as open source evangelist at Balabit (a One Identity business), the company that developed syslog-ng. He assists distributions to maintain the syslog-ng package, follows bug trackers, helps users and talks regularly about sudo and syslog-ng at conferences (SCALE, All Things Open, FOSDEM, LOADays, and others). In his limited free time he is interested in non-x86 architectures, and works on one of his PPC or ARM machines.

Authored Content

Person on top of a mountain, arm raise

Learn how the POWER architecture embraced open source.
Command line prompt

Think you know everything about sudo? Think again.
Clock, pen, and notepad on a desk

How one student's search for a powerful, energy-efficient workstation grew into a passion for open systems.
Open ethernet cords.

Monitor what your Internet of Things devices are doing with the syslog-ng enhanced logging daemon.

Contributed Content


Celebrating Penguin Awareness Day with stories about the moment we learned about Linux.