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DeLisa Alexander | DeLisa is Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Red Hat. Under her leadership, this team focuses on acquiring, developing, and retaining talent and enhancing the Red Hat culture and brand. In her nearly 15 years with the company, DeLisa has also worked in the Office of General Counsel, where she wrote Red Hat's first subscription agreement and closed the first deals with its OEMs. Today in leading the company's global human resources and employment branding teams, DeLisa is especially interested in encouraging programs spotlighting women and diversity. Outside of the office, she enjoys boating with her family and wine tasting, particularly if there's a Napa cabernet to be had.

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Jelly makes a point that really resonates to me: you don't really know the power of a story until you share it. To me this says, in part, don't assume that your story won't move someone else. Thanks for sharing this conversation!

Thanks for the sharing,very insightful comment. I think course corrections, without judgment is a great way of phrasing what happens when things are working.