DeLisa Alexander | DeLisa is Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Red Hat. Under her leadership, this team focuses on acquiring, developing, and retaining talent and enhancing the Red Hat culture and brand. In her nearly 15 years with the company, DeLisa has also worked in the Office of General Counsel, where she wrote Red Hat's first subscription agreement and closed the first deals with its OEMs. Today in leading the company's global human resources and employment branding teams, DeLisa is especially interested in encouraging programs spotlighting women and diversity. Outside of the office, she enjoys boating with her family and wine tasting, particularly if there's a Napa cabernet to be had.

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If the problem is a struggle to innovate, then the solution is greater diversity and inclusion.
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A specific fusion of behaviors and mindsets characterizes the next generation of leaders.
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We recently engaged 10,000 people in the process of crafting a statement about why we exist. Here's what we learned.
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We took an open approach to publishing our company's diversity statistics. Here's what we learned.
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Sustaining, evolving, and growing your open organization's unique culture will be one of your greatest leadership challenges. Here's how we're doing it.

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What does great management look like in an open organization? DeLisa Alexander of Red Hat explains a new, open resource that paints one vision.