I am a software developer.

I have studied Computer Science at Athens University of Economics and Business and I live in Athens, Greece.

I usually code in <strong>Ruby</strong> especially when it's on Rails but I also speak Java, Go, bash & C#.

I love open source and I like writing tutorials and creating tools and utilities.

My nickname is <em>iridakos</em> and I publish tech related posts on my personal blog <a href="https://iridakos.com">iridakos.com</a>....

Authored Content

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Learn how to use goto to alias and navigate to directories with autocomplete in Linux.
Coding on a computer

Learn how to use awk '!visited[$0]++' without sorting or changing their order.

Build a simple ToDo list application with the GTK+ Ruby bindings.
COBOL punch card

Learn how to create a Bash script that helps users work more efficiently and accurately.