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San Francisco, CA

Jason Brooks is a member of Red Hat's Open Source and Standards team. Previously, Jason spent 12 years as an analyst and editor with eWEEK Labs, testing and writing about enterprise IT, with a particular focus on Linux and open source software. He lives in San Francisco, California, with his wife and two sons.

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Gluster rocks the vote

Rock the Vote needed a way to manage the fast growth of the data handled by its Web-based voter registration application. The organization turned to GlusterFS replicated…

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Do strong IPR regimes lead to new technologies, or do new technologies lead to strong IPR regimes?

I love the Oatmeal! The comic referenced in here gives Linux a hard time, but no harder a time than it gives Windows or Mac.

Linux: recompile; Windows: reinstall; Mac: rebuy

All exaggerations, but they get to the heart of the matter! :)

And I should add, I run Linux, and so does my mom.