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Washington DC

By day, a consultant for NOVA Web Development. By evening and weekend, he dons his costume (which looks remarkably like the jeans and T-shirts he normally wears), and goes out doing battle against the forces of proprietary software. He was the team contact for the Ubuntu DC "LoCo" and one of the hosts of the former OLPC Learning Club/Sugar Labs DC. (He has also served as a Red Hat Ambassador.)

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3D drawings with code using POV-Ray

Realistic images of 3D objects—that can be viewed from any angle, and in a variety of lighting conditions—are something of great value to artists, designers, architects…

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Upon reading the article, I'm hoping to inspire HacDC ( to try something like this... And, though I've been a programmer for over 40 years, and a Linux user since 1994, I neither have nor want a phone in my pocket. I would LOVE to see the return of pay phones. Particularly in public transit hubs.

Another difference: Because of the number of instances, in order for someone to follow you or vice versa, you need to specify both a username and a host, both prefixed by the at symbol. I joined in 2018. I'm at

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