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For more than 15 years I've worked shoulder-to-shoulder with software engineers from around the globe.

I've experienced how developing yourself as a next generation leader in software engineering can be filled with ambiguity.

So, in collaboration with Alexis Monville, I've combined my writing and coaching skills to package a leadership development experience into a book.

Learn more at: https://emergingleadership.network/books/i-am-in-charge/

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Great article Kathleen, I don't think the title does it justice as there's a lot more value in the piece than just psychological safety. I get the feeling you could write a great follow on piece regarding your experience with feedback.

I was intrigued about providing positive feedback to facilitate the behavioural learning process from Alexis Monville's blog post https://alexis.monville.com/en/blog/2019/03/10/i-have-some-feedback/

Looks like I have a lot more reading to do on that topic now. Thanks again for all the great insights.

Thanks for the in-depth look on energy levels Ron. As I get older I feel energised at more times than others and I'm starting to look at what's happening at those different times that might be having a positive or negative impact on my energy levels. This article gives me a few new perspectives to consider when I do that reflection.