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Redmond, WA

Michael first got involved with Linux in 1993 when the need for a real multi-tasking capable OS arose to run his BBS (Waffle BBS).
Having held various roles over the past 20 years at companies like Compaq, HP, IBM, and Microsoft he had the opportunity to help
many enterprises and government organizations understand the value and benefits of open source software and get involved with
various OSS communities in different forms. He's been a speaker at events like Linux World, OSCON, Guadec, and KDE Summit.
Michael likes to learn new things, is an Extra class licensed radio amateur (K5TRI), and loves to tinker with electronics and software
in general.

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Good catch. It's a leftover from my original config that I didn't remove. Thanks for correcting.

73 Mike K5TRI

APRS and in fact every Amateur Radio transmission is in the open. In the US per FCC regulations any form of encryption is not permitted with the exception of control signals for space stations (e.g. Amateur Radio satellites). That means that yes, if you transmit your location via APRS, everybody within reach of your signal can receive your transmission and in turn know your location. That is the idea behind it so that hams can find other hams and receive other location relevant data.

73 Michael K5TRI