Robyn Hahn

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Much as I hate working in VBA, the Sun-Moon-Star flavour in LO makes LibreOffice a much poorer cousin to Microsoft Office. Too much office automation code has been written in VBA to simply ignore the elephant in the room.

I'd even - very willingly - convert all my VB code to Python, if the PowerThatBe decided to extend LO with Python.

"The first PC I ever used was an Apple IIc, somewheres around 1994, when Linux was three years old."
Wow, this is information I totally was not aware of. Here I really thought Linus didn't release his OS to the hobbyists until October 1991:

BTW, I played with the IIc as well: it was my first computer, ever. Wrote a few really lame stories on it. I remember being very excited by the potential at the time (1985).