What proprietary tool do you wish had an open source alternative?

What proprietary tool do you wish had an open source alternative?

Most of us have at least one tool we want to ditch but just can't. What's yours?

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Whether it's that one program that's keeping you from making the switch over to using the Linux desktop, a phone app that keeps pestering you with needless notifications, a terrible web interface that looks like it came straight out of the 90s, or something else, there's probably some closed-source proprietary tool out that that you'd love to rid your life of.

The truth is, almost all of us have at least a small handful of proprietary tools hanging around that we'd love to ditch if only we could find a way to make that happen. Maybe the barrier is the lack of an open source alternative providing the same functionality. Maybe there's a good open source equivalent out there, but your school or workplace mandates the closed-source option instead. Or maybe you're stuck working with client files that are only available in a locked-up format.

Whatever the reason, we feel your pain, and we'd love to hear what irks you the most. What proprietary tool do you most want to rid your life of, but just haven't found the way to do so yet? And don't worry, there's hope. The open source community has built great alternatives to everything from AutoCAD to Minecraft, from Trello to Gmail, and from Slack to Acrobat.

Let us know in the comments below. And while we too are passionate about making the switch to open, do try to keep your comments civil!


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