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Rajesh Ranjan, a language enthusiast - a social entrepreneur who loves to contribute in the FOSS world. He loves the way open source works. He likes the word 'community'. He respects voluntarism. He is associated with multiple projects and contribute mostly related to language computing. Also, he is a trained journalist and professional localizer.Currently, Rajesh Ranjan is working as Open Source Community Manager, NeGD. He worked as language maintainer for Hindi at Red Hat. He is the founder and coordinator of the FUEL Project. He has worked with several localization projects, including those with Fedora, GNOME, LibreOffice.Org, Mozilla, KDE, and Pidgin, to name a few. In addition to Hindi, he worked for the localization of the Maithili language. Before joining Red Hat, he worked as a journalist with The Indian Express Group and Literate World, Inc.The opinions expressed on this website are mine, the opinion is not of my employer. I write here as a community member of different foss project.

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Thank you Shankar for writing about FUEL GILT Conference 2014!

Thanks !
Which project you are talking? A small group is associated with enabling Angika language (a dying language ) on foss. The article is just to showcase a story and pain of dying languages and how one can help any such language by enabling l10n on foss platform.