Shaun started programming in earnest by simulating burning fusion plasmas in the world's biggest laser system.

He fell in love with Python as a data analysis tool, and has never looked back. Now he wants to turn everything into Python.

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metrics and data shown on a computer screen

Altair offers an elegant interface and its own plotting language in a Python libraries
Python in a coffee cup.

An introduction one of the more stylish Python plotting libraries.
Two pandas sitting in bamboo

Pandas is a hugely popular Python data manipulation library. Learn how to use its API to plot data.
Hands on a keyboard with a Python book

Plotting in Bokeh is a little more complicated than in some of the other plotting libraries, but there's a payoff for the extra effort.
Colorful sound wave graph

Plotly is a data plotting library with a clean interface designed to allow you to build your own APIs.