Having been kicked out of some of the best colleges and universities in the country, I managed after seven years to get a BSEE and entered the telecommunications industry. I always ended up working on projects where we were trying to get the phone switch to talk to PCs. This got me interested in the creation and management of large communication networks. So I moved into the data communications field (they were separate back then) and started working with commercial network management tools such as HP's OpenView and IBM's Tivoli. In 2001, I started working on OpenNMS. The goal of the OpenNMS project was to create an open source competitor to those commercial products. In May of 2002 I became the administrator of the project and I also started a services company to provide commercial support. I am now the CEO of The OpenNMS Group, a bootstrapped and profitable company with over a dozen employees in three countries and customers in twenty-one. But I still sign my e-mails "OpenNMS...

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