Authored Comments

The opensource community is very much an engineer centered and dominated world that is even hostile to their own fellow engineers. I have been wanting to come up with an idea to try to overcome this problem so that more creatives are interested in working on open source projects. I think the biggest fundamental problem preventing this is that coders and creatives have conflicting personality types and need an liaison/manager between the two so that things can work smoothly. When I was going to a game development school where creatives and engineers had to work together to make a game on a tight schedule, these two personality types working together was usually the biggest problem each game development team complained was the largest problem they had to deal with. I have even noticed conflict between me and other engineers where I currently work. I'm kind of hybrid of coder and designer at work, even though I'm an engineer there, and the designer in me is always clashing with the strong "engineering" types where I work. Engineers want to always keep everything practical while creatives want to always think outside the box.

I thought it was interesting that the sales person I spoke to when I wanted to buy an android phone told me that they didn't sell android phones. Maybe if they even knew their own products, they would do better.