Top 5: Linux pain points, top resume mistakes, and more

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Top 5: Vi-mode in your shell, Scratch and Logo, and more

In this week’s Top 5, we look at pain points in Linux, alternatives to Dreamweaver, why Kubernetes is so popular, and more.

This week's top articles

5. Quit making these 10 common resume mistakes

Community moderator Vicky Brasseur has been a hiring manager in the tech industry for 10 years and has a great deal of experience parsing thousands of resumes. Do you want to get hired? Vicky’s got 10 tips to make your resume stand out.

4. 5 ways to invigorate education with Raspberry Pi

Community moderator Don Watkins says that we are open education’s marketing team. In the article, Don provides five ways that you can make investments in education and share the open source way in your school and community.

3. Why is Kubernetes so popular?

Anurag Gupta is the product manager at Treasure Data. He explains the origins of Kubernetes and the factors that have fueled its growth. The article explains how Kubernetes continues to surge with major corporations and how its community has fueled its growth.

2. 7 open source alternatives to Dreamweaver

Although the rise of open source content management platforms like Drupal and Wordpress have largely negated the need to learn code, there are still times when being able to code HTML and CSS are useful. In this article, editor Jason Baker provides brief overviews of seven open source alternatives to Dreamweaver.

1. Top 5 Linux pain points in 2017

Community moderator Jeremy Garcia highlighted five pain points as Linux continues to grow. Whether documentation, software library version support, UEFI and secure boot support, or the deprecation of 32 bit, there still areas that need more work. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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