Top 5 articles of the week for May 5

Top 5: How to speed up your MySQL queries, 4 types of OpenStack Neutron networks, and more

Top 5 articles of the week
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In this week's Top 5, we highlight articles on how to speed up your MySQL queries, four types of OpenStack Neutron networks, a guide to Linux syscalls, cross-platform development with Python, and how Jim Hall of FreeDOS got started with Linux.

Top 5 articles of the week

5. How I got started with Linux

From physics student to the founder of FreeDOS, Jim Hall tells us how it all started with a hobby Linux install in 1993.

4. Cross-platform development with Python and BeeWare

In this article, Katie McLaughlin shows us how the BeeWare suite of libraries and bridges help Python developers deploy code across platforms. She'll be speaking on the subject later this month at PyCon 2017 in Portland.

3. A beginner's guide to Linux syscalls

Containers are everywhere! What are they? In this article, Lisa Rice says she had that "a-ha" moment where she realized "containers are nothing more than Linux processes with a restricted view of the machine they're running on." Ok great. What about syscalls? Get a basic introduction to them from Lisa in this article.

2. 4 types of OpenStack Neutron networks you must understand

Chris Fields, a Red Hat Cloud Success Architect, writes: "If your OpenStack hosted virtual instances need network connectivity you’re going to have to create a network." In this article, he explains the four types of networks and how to configure them.

1. How to speed up your MySQL queries 300 times

In this article, Anna Filina gives readers a written tutorial of how to speed up their MySQL queries. She will be speaking on the subject at OSCON in Austin this month.

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