Top 5: Lightweight email clients, Raspberry Pi in education, net neutrality, and more

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Top 5 articles of the week

In this week's top 5, we come to you from PyCon AU in Melbourne, Australia!

5. Opposing net neutrality threatens the viability of open source communities

Number five this week comes to us from Nate Levesque, who brings us an overview of the current net neutrality debate, including the impact that losing net neutrality could have on free and open source software.

4. A quick guide to types in functional programming

In this article Kiko Fernandez-Reyes introduces the functional programming concepts of union, tagged unions, and algebraic data types and when you should use each type in your code.

3. 7 mistakes you're probably making

Coming in at number three, it's community moderator Jono Bacon with a list of seven mistakes your open source project may be making right now. Jono shares how each of these mistakes can affect your project and how you can avoid or fix them.

2. 5 ways to use Raspberry Pi in the classroom

Community moderator Don Watkins' article, "5 Ways to Use Raspberry Pi in the classroom," is this week's number two article. Don provides tips for integrating Raspberry Pi in a classroom environment and also shares a lot of links with instructions on how to get started.

1. 4 lightweight email alternatives to Thunderbird

Coming in at number one this week is community moderator Scott Nesbitt. If you use Thunderbird but are looking for something a little more lightweight, Scott has you covered. In this article he reviews four different Linux-compatible email clients. From IMAP-only Trojita to text-only Alpine, there's an email client out there for every need.

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Great Job Vicky! I loved the diversity of the presenters.

Thank you, Don! It was easy to find great presenters at PyCon AU. The conf is bubbling over with lovely people.

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