Top 5 articles for the week of September 1, 2017

Top 5: Your first programming language, running Windows apps on Linux, and more

We round up five of the week's most popular articles.

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In this week's top 5, we take a look at open organizations, programming languages, and Linux.

This week's top articles

5. 3 consequences of coding in the open

Erik Kieckhafer shares how transparency has changed the way he works, making him more accountable and more responsive.

4. Tips for customizing your new Linux installation

Anderson Silva describes how he customizes new Fedora installations and gives you the tools to make yours just how you want it.

3. 3 open source Python GUI frameworks

Editor Jason Baker introduces three frameworks that help you make desktop applications in Python.

2. How do I run Windows software on Linux?

Editor Jason Baker shares different ways you can run Windows-only software on your Linux machines.

1. What was your first programming language?

The team asks what your first programming language was. Mine was Basic.

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Ben Cotton - Ben Cotton is a meteorologist by training, but weather makes a great hobby. Ben works as the Fedora Program Manager at Red Hat. He co-founded a local open source meetup group, and is a member of the Open Source Initiative and a supporter of Software Freedom Conservancy. Find him on Twitter (@FunnelFiasco) or at