16 hot topics for our readers

16 writing ideas for 2018

Our readers like technical and non-technical articles from subject matter users or experts, on a range of topics about open source.

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Our readers

They like technical and non-technical articles from subject matter users or experts, on a range of topics about open source (software, hardware, philosophies, and more).

Our writers

First, reach out to us and pitch your article idea.

If our editorial team gives you the go-ahead, first read our article submission and style guide. If you're writing a technical or how-to article, review our technical style guide. Once your draft is in hand to our editorial team, we'll copy edit and prepare it for publication. We also promote articles on our social media channels. (And, we encourage you to promote it as well.)

Editorial topics for 2018​

  • Automation (Ansible, Bash, Perl, and more)
  • Big data (a focus on science, automation)
  • Careers in open source tech (your experience, tips, and more)
  • Cloud (OpenStack, Kubernetes, and more)
  • Command line (tools tutorials)
  • DevOps (tutorials, tips, and more)
  • Getting Started with... (an open source tool, program, or group)
  • IoT (Home automation and more)
  • Linux (tools, tutorials, and more)
  • Machine learning / AI
  • My open source story / My Linux story (your personal experience)
  • Open source alternatives for... (ex. email, notetaking, etc.)
  • Open hardware (tutorials with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and more)
  • Open source productivity tools
  • Programming (Go, TensorFlow, Perl, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, Rust, and more)
  • Systems monitoring (sysadmin tools, tips, and more)

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