The modern programmer: Top 10 articles from this year

The modern programmer: 10 must-read articles from this year

From SDKs to command-line utilities and more, this list offers plenty of insight for today's programmers.

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Programming is about languages, of course, but also much more. Along with good languages, programmers need toolsets to support coding: software development kits (SDKs), command-line utilities for source-code inspection and even editing, package managers, repositories targeted at developers, and so on. The ten articles listed below cover programming in this broad sense.

Several articles address languages head-on. Pony is a new language that, like Clojure and Rust, tries to move beyond traditional type security to provide memory security as well. JavaScript, whose dialects and frameworks seem to multiply faster than Fibonacci rabbits, has five new open source offerings for data mining (a topic as hot as any in modern programming).

Augmented reality, anyone? Check out the recent SDKs in this area. Various authors weigh in on the languages they use on and off the job, and another focuses on the facts of life in a modern programming shop: More than one programming language is at work here. There’s an article about sharpening your Git skills and another about getting better package management for Python.

How about a fresh look at the familiar less command-line utility? Even the man pages concede that less does more than more.

If you’re a programmer, this top-ten list offers something—and likely more than one thing—to stir your interest. Enjoy.

Top 10 stories for the modern programmer

A keyboard.

Pony, a sort of "Rust meets Erlang," makes it easier to develop fast, safe, efficient, and highly concurrent programs.
Programming books on a shelf

A polyglot environment is a double-edged sword, bringing benefits along with complexities that may threaten the organization.
Hands on a keyboard with a Python book

Only a year old, Pipenv has become the official Python-recommended resource for managing package dependencies.
One cat cloned into four cats

In the second article in our "getting started with Git" series, learn how to perform basic Git operations.
Programming books on a shelf

Learn why there are so many different programming languages.
people in different locations who are part of the same team

Get in on the AR app boom with any of these open source software development kits.
Programming books on a shelf

Choose from the top 10 programming languages in 2018. Or add yours to the comments.
Terminal window with green text

Learn more tips and tricks using the less command-line text file viewer.

Whether you're a JavaScript developer who wants to dive into machine learning or a machine learning expert who plans to use JavaScript, these open source frameworks may intrigue you.

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