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Whether you are new to Kubernetes or are regarded as an expert, our new eBook is for you. In Getting started with Kubernetes, author Scott McCarty makes the business case for Kubernetes and lays the groundwork for implementation. Before digging into the logistics (pun intended), McCarty provides readers with a relatable analogy: Kubernetes is a dump truck

If you owned a construction company, you wouldn’t build your own dump trucks. You definitely wouldn’t maintain the supply chain to rebuild dump trucks (that’s a big supply chain). But you would learn to drive one. OK, my analogy is crude but easy to understand. Ease of use is relative. Ease of maintenance is relative. Ease of configuration is relative. It really depends on what you are trying to do. Kubernetes is no different.

Chapters include:

This comprehensive guide will prepare you for both the inevitable challenges and scalable success stories ahead. Download the eBook now

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