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8 great podcasts for open source enthusiasts

Expand your knowledge about Linux, Python, and open source generally while you're doing other things.

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Where I live, almost everything is a 20- or 30-minute drive from my home, and I'm always looking for ways to use my car time productively. One way is by listening to podcasts on topics that interest me, so as an open source enthusiast, I subscribe to a variety of open source-related podcasts.

Here are eight Linux and open source podcasts that I Iook forward to every week.


Linux4Everyone by Jason Evangelho (whom I recently interviewed) is a favorite. The podcasts always offer fresh insights on Linux along with thoughtful interviews, including his conversations with Barton George of Dell and Christopher Scott of Microsoft. Jason's only been at this gig for a few months, but he already has a loyal following supporting him on Patreon.

I have recently been listening to Command Line Heroes. Its host, Saron Yitbarek, is a developer and the founder of CodeNewbie. I've learned about how C and Unix laid important groundwork for the development and growth of Linux, as well as the evolution of the Python community—which will continue since founder Guido Van Rossum stepped down from his benevolent dictatorship role.

Linux Headlines

Linux Headlines from Jupiter Broadcasting never fails to pique my interest in what's happening in the Linux world. Hosts Chris Fisher, Joe Ressington, Wes Payne, and Drew DeVore are always dishing up the latest developments that inspire me to learn and explore more. If you only have a few minutes to spare, this podcast is for you.


Self-Hosted is a new podcast about home networks that hooked me immediately. With all the emphasis on containers and the cloud, you might think your local network doesn't have much to offer anymore. Hosts Alex Kretzschmar and Chris Fisher are two longtime self-hosters who share their learnings with listeners.

Online Life is Real Life

In Online Life is Real Life, sponsored by Firefox, "host Manoush Zomorodi shares real stories of life online and real talk about the future of the web." A recent show, "Privacy or Profit—Why Not Both?," dug into the concept that "privacy" means different things to different people. Do you know how your personal data is being used? Do you care? If so, this podcast might interest you.

The Changelog

The Changelog bills itself as "conversations with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of software development." In a recent episode, Chris Anderson, former editor-in-chief of Wired, shared how his hobby with drones started out terribly wrong but led him to 3D robotics, do-it-yourself drones, and the Dronecode project.

Destination Linux

Destination Linux, where "Linux is our passion," is a weekly show hosted by Ryan, Michael, Zebediah, and Noah. The show started in 2017, and all of its content is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 ShareAlike. One recent podcast focused on the addition of ZFS to Ubuntu 19.10 and how Project Trident ditched FreeBSD for Linux.

Talk Python to Me

Talk Python To Me with host Michael Kennedy keeps me growing on my Python learning curve.

In one of my favorite shows, "Python in digital humanities research," Michael interviewed Cornelius Van Lit, a medieval Islamic philosophy scholar, who is using Python to parse ancient manuscripts.

Most of these podcasts come with show notes, which include links to the content they cover. Since I can't take notes when I'm driving, the show notes help me review what I hear and learn more about the topics mentioned.

I am always eager to learn, so please share your favorite open source-related podcasts in the comments section.

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