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What motivates people to contribute to open source?

Gordon Haff explores what leads people to make open source contributions, in his Lightning Talk at All Things Open 2019.

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Knowing what motivates people is a smart way to recruit contributors to an open source project—and to keep them contributing once they've joined.

For his book How Open Source Ate Software, Red Hat's Gordon Haff did a lot of research on the topic of motivation, and he shared some of it in his Lightning Talk at All Things Open 2019, "Why do we contribute to open source?"

Watch Gordon's Lightning Talk to learn about the three main types of motivation—extrinsic, intrinsic, and internalized extrinsic—what they are, and how they relate to open source communities.

During the Lightning Talks hosted by Opensource.com at the seventh annual All Things Open conference in October 2019, eight presenters shared quick takes on interesting open source topics, projects, and ideas. Watch all of the 2019 All Things Open Lightning Talks on the Opensource.com YouTube channel.

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