What's your favorite hobby AFK?

When you're not at the computer, what are you up to? Gardening, hiking, home brewing, or something else? Take our poll.
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We are continuing our celebrating of sysadmins this month with another poll. This time, we want to know what you love to do "AFK" (away from keyboard). When you're not perusing system logs, are you lost in your favorite novel? Aside from the office, do you spend most of your time in the kitchen either cooking or baking? Or are you breathing in the fresh air, tending to your garden, biking, or hiking?

Having a healthy hobby can, in fact, improve your performance as a sysadmin. Hobbies help us humans reduce negative stress, enhance creativity, and amp up our confidence. Plus, they give us a great way to build our community and meet new people. 

There's nothing like stepping away from the keyboard after a long workday and enjoying your favorite hobby. Take our poll or tell us more about it in the comments. Remember, Sysadmin Appreciation Day is July 26th. 

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Photography if it’s nice out, and reading if it’s not.

Model railroading. I have multiple scale trains, including N, HO and L (LEGO) that I need to build portable layouts for. I am also working on combining a Raspberry Pi as a controller with an Arduino running DCC++ as the base station. But that project is not AFK yet.

I enjoy rock climbing on occasion and training for rock climbing escapades in between them. It's physically exhaustive, challenges me to improve upon myself (as opposed to competing with others), and it's surprisingly social between routes. I highly recommend it if you have a rock gym in your neighborhood.

Cycling, on road or off. Love to get out and go somewhere.

Knitting or drawing, depending on the weather and my mood.

Going to baseball games and concerts.

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