Poll: Where is your coding happy place?

When it comes to your preferred coding locale, are you a homebody or do you like to be out and about? Take our poll.
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116 readers like this
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Your environment is everything, especially when you're coding. Decisions about what text editor or IDE you'll be using are critical to productivity. But what about your environment beyond the screen?

With the right tools and a supportive team, you can code anywhere. Are you the type that needs a souped-up desk with multiple monitors? Your favorite workstation could either be in the comfort of your own home, or you need to commute to an office or co-working space. On the contrary, you are a minimalist nomad, thriving off your laptop and the hope for the battery to outlast your focus. 

Even with an optimal stationary set-up, it is nice to have a change of scenery to get the creative juices (or coffee) flowing. Do you have a favorite cafe with the perfect coder-friendly environment? No purchase necessary at the nearest library, train station, or park shelter. When the internet connection is strong enough, do you ever code outdoors? 

Take our poll to tell us where you like to code. And for a bonus question, we want you to leave us a comment with the most unique place you've coded. It could be a historical landmark, white sandy beach, or on top of a mountain.

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I was torn between "home" and "work place" options but if I had to pick only one it's "home".

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