GNOME launches a new GTK site, the Linux Foundation on security vulnerabilities, OSI board elections, and more open source news

Catch up on the biggest open source headlines from the past two weeks.
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In this edition of our open source news roundup, GNOME beautifies the GTK website, the Linux Foundation’s released a report on security vulnerabilities, the FSF announces a new code-hosting site and the OSI board of directors is decided next week! 

GNOME unveils new GTK website to boost app development

Developers of apps will be delighted with the facelift to the GTK website. The new site integrates a complete set of documentation for anyone developing applications to run in a GNOME desktop environment. One of the major successes is its extensive documentation in multiple programming languages, letting developers have more choice than ever according to the site. The whole site is available on GitLab and you can see the recent commits that led to the new look.

Linux Foundation and Harvard team up to analyze the vulnerability of open source software

An extensive analysis and report headlining the Linux Foundation website delve into the structural and security complexities presented by open source software. The study identifies the most commonly used free and open source applications used in the enterprise and their potential attack vectors. They highlight a number of Node.js and Maven packages that are frequently used. The work identifies their potential vulnerabilities and offers a plan to remedy the potential security risks.

The Census II analysis and report represent important steps towards understanding and addressing structural and security complexities in the modern day supply chain where open source is pervasive but not always understood.

The full report is available here: Vulnerabilities in the Core,’ a Preliminary Report and Census II of Open Source Software.

Free Software Foundation announces code-hosting site in the works

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is planning to launch a public code hosting and collaboration platform which is called “Forge.” The new site will complement the current GNU and Non-GNU Savannah server continue to look at technology based on "ethical and practical criteria." No launch date is mentioned, but further discussion is underway on the LibrePlanet developers mailing list.

OSI Board of Directors elections open March 2nd!

The Open Source Initiative, who safeguards the Open Source Definition (OSD), has an upcoming election to determine who joins the board at this crucial time in open source history. 15 members running for individual seats, while six more go after the affiliate seats. Some are calling for a complete change to the OSD, while others want to leverage the growing adoption of open source to make a greater impact. Whether you are an OSI member or not, read about the candidates here. There is also still time to join the OSI.

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