10 signs your company doesn't understand open source

Top 10 signs your company doesn't "get" open source

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Guy Martin, Managing Principal Architect at Red Hat, gives us the big reasons why companies shy away from using open source —and other misconceptions, like not being able to mix and match open and closed source applications and thinking open source is only about risk management.

He advises those who want to see open source concepts and technologies implemented in their company to seek out and team up with like-minded coworkers.

Martin's takeaway image is Bart Simpson writing at the chalkboard: Open source is good for me, I'm going to embrace it. 

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Guy Martin - Guy Martin is the Executive Director of OASIS Open, an internationally recognized standards development and open source projects consortium. He is responsible for the organization’s overall operation, in addition to helping define its cohesive strategies and policies to deliver the best value to its members. He works closely with OASIS staff and the Board of Directors to help the organization realize the tremendous advantage in integrating...