Why is everyone hating on operating systems?

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In the beginning, there were operating systems. Computers have changed, evolved, and grown ever more powerful. But the operating system is still underlying everything, and it's not going anywhere.

For all for all of the hype containers have received, they are still dependent on the underlying operating system to run. Containers are awesome, but they're still new, and the technology is still growing. In this talk, Brian Proffitt talks about how changes in the IT sector still require a trusted operating system sitting underneath containers, hypervisors, and all virtualization solutions.

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"In the beginning, there were operating systems."

Actually, no there weren't.

The first operating systems did not start to appear until the late 1950s, the first computers ran their first programs in 1948-9 (Manchester SSEM, June 1948, Cambridge EDSAC, May 1949).

"In the beginning, there were operating systems." Actually, there WAS and please let me explain.

PRINCIPLE #1 - "In the beginning" is a conceptual time-place space thus requiring a time for "beginning" to land and become. So, if there must first have been time … then time had to have a place to call home, a place “to be” thus space needed to simultaneously exist. Time needs a Space to call home and Space requires some Time to be created … step-by-step … one dimension at a time. And thus we have reasonably concluded that …

PRINCIPLE #2 - Time-Space is and are mutually co-dependent via the first “Principium” (Greek “The Beginning”) or “principle” force of a Universal Operating System, i.e. the principle force field of Time-Space “Unity.”

PRINCIPLE #3 – However, if the first principle force field is Unity, (or perhaps we might choose to name it Monality, or Singularity, or “The Zero Point Field” [ZPF] or the Infinite Eternal State of Nirvana) then regardless of which word we use to symbolize this state of Infinite Oneness, the second Universal Principle requirement needed in order to maintain the elegant state of Symmetry is the force field of “Separation.”

The dictionary tells us that “Symmetry” comes from the Greeks ‘sym’ meaning together + ‘metron’ meaning a measure, and together we get … “The condition whereby half of something is the symmetrical and perfect mirror image of the other half.” But if time-space did not exist, then all differences would immediately merge as one instantaneous reverse big-bang into a black hole of oneness.

PRINCIPLE #4 – Energy or, the ability to create change within the contextual framework of Time and Space mandates that i) There is something, i.e. some specific manifested form of energy inside the time-space capsule “to be changed” and ii) There needs must be some energetic force (force is at effect, energy is at cause … just as “form follows function – this is the law”) to be at cause to initiate and perpetuate that change. And since energy is totally dependent upon the separation via difference … we find between the states of Separation (seeking a variety of different Unity states) and Unity the very reality narrative of “something” ebbing out of and then surging back in-to the ZPF we have thus discovered.

But the question we can all ask ourselves here and now is “Why?” Why, what is the motive, the innate intention that is driving the to-and-fro narrative of this cosmic reality?


Thus we can infer the first or Original Operating System (OOS) of the Universe was essential to produce the Time-Space canvas place . . . for alternate States of Energetic Manifestations of Order . . . to Manifest and Self-perpetuate … as a Cosmic Matrix Effect … Sired by “The Prime Operating System of Original Creation. Let us call this Original Operating System (OOS) the Reality of I AM where:

I – Represents Intention, the innate desire for free will (In+tention of symmetrically polar opposites)

A – Represents the innate and infinite state of Awareness, an attribute of all frequency composites of energy.

And finally …

M – Represents the Manifestation of Meaning and its states of fulfillment all within a blank Existential Canvass of Time-and-Space for all artists to create their own unique Realities.

Thus, in order to continue to expand our individual and collective abilities to peacefully unite and co-exist while still maintaining our unique polar differences of identity creations … the OOS must needs be integral to the I AM forces of our infinite and eternal celestial essence. I AM OOS.

Lawrence Carson lives with his family - including grandchildren - in Boise Idaho and is currently looking to attract a very small … yet inspired group of unique individuals to share with and collectively build upon what he currently believes to be the actual “OOS Algorithm” behind the Nothingness and Allness of Universal Life itself. Anyone with a current Passport of Passion including a current Visa of Curiosity is encouraged to contact him with their top three Intelligent Questions (IQ’s) at:


Only Nothing’s Awareness exists without an operating system and I’m not too sure about that either.

in the beginning there was a harmless nutter that was desparate to propagate some worthless wierdo pseudo-philosophical treatise on some randomly chosen article on opensource.com?

get back to your yogic flying exercises!

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