5 new OpenStack tutorials for cloud mastery

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With another OpenStack Summit behind us, the community of developers behind the open source cloud project are hard at work on the next release, as operators continue to share their goals and challenges as the collection of projects powering OpenStack continue to grow and mature.

While there are a great many resources out there to those working with OpenStack, including training programs, books, meetups, IRC channels, mailing lists, and the official documentation, another great source for learning more about OpenStack are the many community-created tutorials spread across the blogs of individuals contributors and users. Every month on Opensource.com, we scour the Net to bring you the best in these tutorials and guides. Here are some of our favorites from last month.

  • There are many ways to deploy OpenStack. One option that might be a good fit, depending on your needs, is Ansible. In this article, Antony Messerli provides examples of how he uses Ansible to set up his own personal lab environment.
  • Not content with Ansible? Another method is to use the RDO project for deployment. In this video tutorial, learn how to get OpenStack up and running in 20 minutes using the RDO packages to install OpenStack.
  • IPv4 space is quickly running out. The future is IPv6, offering so much more addressable space that even when the IoT revolution assigns a unique IP to every dish in your kitchen, we'll still have plenty left over. In this quick guide, learn how to assign IPv6 addresses to the projects you deploy within OpenStack.
  • Rackspace's Major Hayden has a few new tutorials you may wish to check out last month. The first is a list of suggestions for how to go about troubleshooting network connectivity between OpenStack instances. Anyone who has had to debug a cloud application has at some point felt this pain: Is it my application? My instance? Security groups? OpenStack itself? Where do you start debugging? Major offers some tips for tracking down the source of your problem. As a bonus tutorial, check out his guide to beta testing Fedora 24 (currently due out next week) in your OpenStack cloud.
  • Have you ever wondered what the role of the Oslo project is within the OpenStack ecosystem? Oslo holds the common code designed to be shared across many different OpenStack projects, and in this post from Ronald Bradford, you can get a good overview of what types of libraries can be found within Oslo and what functions they perform.

That's all for this month. For more, check out our past OpenStack tutorials roundups. And if you've got a suggestion for next month's edition, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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