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July seemed like it was a long time ago, but it's time to take a look back at the best month opensource.com has had to date. We start with a list of the top five articles, then move on to other hot topics, like OSCON, licensing, text editors, OpenStack, and other open source news. Aloha!

We published 54 articles in July 2013—including several posts from our community moderators and many from our open source community of contributors. Do you have an open source story that you'd like to share?

Top 5 articles in July

  1. A year of Linux desktop at Westcliff High School, Stu Jarvis, KDE Marketing Working Group — 6,629 page views
  2. Open source summer reading list, Bryan Behrenshausen (Red Hat) — 4,774 page views
  3. Open source downloads are an endangered species, Simon Phipps, Meshed Insights Ltd — 3,834 page views
  4. pump.io: the decentralized social network that's really fun, Bryan Behrenshausen (Red Hat) — 3,231 page views
  5. Three open source school management software programs for teachers and student, Jason Phillips — 3,081 page views

OSCON 2013

One of our community moderators, Nicole Engard, and myself, both attended our first OSCON this year. As preparation for a week of open source in Portland, Oregon, we both looked at the agenda and offered a preview to the conference. I decided to live blog my experience. It was tougher than a thought but was a great way to share what was happening with folks that couldn't be there. We started posting some great information we gleaned while we were there, like this recap of Elizabeth Leddy's session covering 10 secrets to sustainable open source communities.

Hot topics

Opensource.com kicked off its first caption contestwhich attracted a lot of attention. We had more than 100 people register to enter and more than 200 overall captions submitted. Then, at the beginning of August we held a live judging event to narrow down the captions for a final vote by our community to determine the winners.

Other hot topics on the site in July were...

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