Updates to the Opensource.com points and badge system

Upgrade complete: New community badges and levels

upgrade complete
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We've recently made some changes to the Opensource.com points and badge system that we'd like to inform you about. Based on feedback we got from our readers and Community Moderators, we have recently implemented the changes outlined below. Depending on how many points you have accumulated, you may have a new badge assigned to your account due to these recent changes.

About the changes

The first three levels have remained the same. Then, we replaced Rock Star with a new badge called: "Open Minded" and split the point level in half to achieve the next badge: "Open Source Evangelist." Next, we split the level of "Open Source Sensei" in half and added the badge: "Open source champion."

The new list of points and badge levels look like:

  • Newbie (0-9 points)
  • Community Member (10-29 points)
  • Open Enthusiast (30-99 points)
  • Open Minded (100-499 points)
  • Open Source Evangelist (500-999 points)
  • Open Source Champion (1,000-2,499 points)
  • Open Source Sensei (2,500-4,999 points)
  • Open Sorcerer (5,000+ points)

Change log

  1. Replace the badge "Rock Star" with "Open Minded," reduce 999 points to 499 (now 100-499 points)
  2. Add Open Source Evangelist (500-999 points)
  3. Add Open Source Champion (1,000-2,499 points)
  4. Move Open Source Sensei up to the 2,500 level (2,500-4,999 points)

Why did we make these changes?

After earning 100 points many community members told us that it was duanting to see the next point-level at 1,000 points. Our goal was to make the next level more achievable. Similarly, moving up from 1,000 points to 5,000 was too big of a gap. We renamed the "Rock Star" badge to be more inline with our theme of openness. We feel that the updated points and badges system now offers a nice progression and reflects our communities feedback on highlighting their passion for open source.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We believe this new point structure, with additional badges, allows our community to achieve new levels at a faster pace through their site participation. The page describing our points and badges syste has been updated to reflect these changes: opensource.com/points-and-badges.

Thanks for everyone's feedback during this process, it's exciting to see the changes come to life.


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