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What is open gaming? A new resource

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Today, Opensource.com unlocks an important achievement: the publication of "What is Open Gaming?", a new resource page.

We've never been shy about our love for open source games. But, we recognize that explaining how open source principles like sharing, transparency, and rapid prototyping apply to both digital and non-digital gaming activities can be difficult.

So we created something open-minded gamers can use to convince their parties, clans, and guilds that the open source way is the best way to game. "What is Open Gaming?" explains how the acts of making and playing games already embody the open source spirit—and how we might use games to demonstrate that spirit to others.

This new resource reflects Opensource.com's mission to provide plain-language answers to common questions about open source values, projects, initiatives, and philosophies. Like our other resources of this nature, "What is Open Gaming?" is cross-platform and DRM-free, and it's licensed for redistribution and sharing via a Creative Commons license.

Game on.

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