Uncovering open education challenges with ISKME’s Lisa Petrides | Opensource.com

Uncovering open education challenges with ISKME’s Lisa Petrides

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Creative Commons is helping to shed some light on open education resources in a recent interview with Lisa Petrides from the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME): Open Education and Policy. The good news, there is a lot of policy change at all levels of education. The challenge is

the “unbundling of the education system as we know it,” says Petrides.

ISKME has expertise in knowledge-sharing and educational innovations. Petrides is the president and founder of ISKME and has previously written for opensource.com: Open Educational Resources: The Education Ecosystem Comes to Life.

In the Creative Commons interview, she talks about some of the challenges around state education standards and the need to drive awareness around copyright issues. There seems to be some great momentum happening in this space--share this knowledge with an educator that you know.

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