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Our open standards articles explore the movement to create community-developed, non-proprietary, and open requirements, specifications, guidelines for technologies.

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Nine-indicator standard aims to promote open source software, data, AI models, standards, and content for a more equitable world.
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OASIS Open brings open source and standards communities together during this time of crisis to help define a new, collaborative future to benefit all.
World Map

October 14 is World Standards Day, and to celebrate, is launching a new resource to...
Rules for open licensing

Using open document formats could create a domino effect where more and more work is modified and...
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A new open standard supported by the OpenCloudMesh project is a big step toward interoperability.
Open innovation

Open bank data will give us the freedom to access all banks in real time and from a single view,...
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Open Forum Europe has initiated an effort to help the European Union (EU) institutions live up to...
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In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at an interview with Sir Tim...