How far should openness extend?

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How far should openness extend?

Selling the idea of open data seems straightforward. If taxpayers paid for it, a government should share it. But there have to be exceptions for National Security and privacy.

What about when a government holds a copyright or a public university applies for a patent? If a healthy society needs an intellectual commons full of public data, what belongs in that commons?

Colin Dodd is a writer at Red Hat.


I think that the question is poorly worded. The choice is essentially all or one. I think that the poll should allow people to vote for more than one category.

Steve Stites

I have no problem with the federal govt. monitering phone calls whether it infringes on my constitutional rights or not.I remember 9/11 and in my opinion the hijackers would fail today,there are certain freedoms we have sacraficed, necessary to protect our country from terrorists. When president Bush signed the patriot act it gave local police a way to infringe on our rights. I am known in my community and can not stand the fact that when I look @ porn,on occasion thinking in private,even local authorities know.

All non-classified government data does this mean personal info?
It is not clear. Make clearer or have more categories.

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