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NY bill would provide tax credit for open source contributors

NY bill would provide tax credit for open source contributors
The bill would provide a tax credit of 20% of "expenses associated with the development of open source and free software."Read more

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Open source as a tool of cultural change

Open data
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U.S. report highlights positive elements of government open source adoption

Mark Bohannon calls attention to a report highlighting the positive elements of government open source adoption.Read more

EU digital policy moves into public comment phase

Although procedural, the information gleaned from the consultation will help shape any formal legislation or other actions and regulations that the...Read more

23 civic thought leaders to follow

A collection of some of the most influential people gathering and speaking at the Code for America Summit 2015 to follow on Twitter.Read more

Encryption back doors: Is there more to this debate?

As the the encryption access debate heats up in the United States and abroad, Mark Bohannon weighs the consequences of revisiting the Communications...Read more

Can the promise of open data be fully realized?

Are we on the cusp of seeing dramatic changes in the way governments operate by publishing and consuming open data? Mark Headd, Developer Evangelism...Read more