Poll: How do you get your movies?

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How do you get the MAJORITY of the movies you watch?
Steal it
16.2% (36 votes)
Download it legally (pay for it)
3.6% (8 votes)
Download it legally (I tend to watch to free movies)
5.4% (12 votes)
Movie theater
9.9% (22 votes)
Buy it from a store
11.3% (25 votes)
Internet stream (YouTube, Hulu, etc.)
10.8% (24 votes)
Rent (Netflix, Blockbuster, Pay Per View, etc.)
31.1% (69 votes)
I don't watch movies
11.7% (26 votes)

If you have ideas on articles about movies that you'd be interested in, let us know in the comments. We'll do our best to act on a blog post.

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Buy used DVD's
Trade or swap DVD's
Borrow from the Library
Wait For it to come to Cable or TV

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You forgot my method: "wait for cable."

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Wait For it to come to Cable or TV

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Open Source Sensei

That's my bad. *not an expert poll designer* but I play one on TV/cable ;) Sorry I missed that option and thanks for voting.


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I didnt vote the options I use arent on the list ;)

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Of the seven (so far) who voted "Steal it," I wonder whether they resort to shoplifting or burglary. It seems Jason is among those duped by the current copyright regime into thinking copyright infringement (the correct legal term, according to Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun in Dowling v. the United States) is theft. In fact, it is more like competing with the US Postal Service without approval from congress; you are violating a government granted monopoly. For further intelligent discourse on the subject, I defer to the preeminent Tim O'Reilly: http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/wlg/2425 .

jhibbets's picture
Open Source Sensei

I just thought it would be a fun poll answer. But you make a good point about the general confusion around copyright infringement, theft, and what sounds like the fair use of purchased media. There is also the issue of piracy which could fall into the "Steal it" category.


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Piracy is committed at sea and usually involves stealing. The misappropriation of the word piracy is just another component of the misinformation campaign I was describing!

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Well, they say that illegal downloading is killing the movie industry, so I don't see why they don't go the whole hog and call it murder.

Here is a short and interesting article on the infingement-theft issue: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1120585

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Open Minded

I actually get them from the Library.

So I put myself down as "renting" because it's the most similar except I'm not paying for it and the selection is much smaller.

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I don't watch much, but whenever i watch a movie, preference is movie theater.