microgrids leverage natural resources in poor countries

Microgrid: A worthy challenge of global proportions

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How can open source concepts and technologies change the world? Help poor communities and build eco-villages? John S. Camilleri, EVP of Product Development for Green Energy Corporation, describes how microgrids can leverage natural resources in places like Haiti to help improve the standard of living. Based on a system Camilleri calls "Reef," each piece of the ecosystem is allowed to grow and thrive on its own merits. 

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John Camilleri - John Camilleri, Executive Vice President of Product Development at Green Energy Corp, leads the organization as the power industry expert with respect to the development of innovative solutions for the smart utility of the future. John served in the Operations division of AREVA T&D providing leadership to the engineering and product development organizations as well as working closely with utility customers. For Microsoft, John managed developments of security features and architecture for