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Three free eBooks: open always wins, video editing, and open source thought leaders

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Open source in the the cloud, open source hardware and the Maker movement, open source software showing up in government and other unlikely places... we could go on...

But, we'll hand it over to you in an eBook instead. Read one of our new eBooks, downloadable from our site in .odt and .epub formats.

Open always wins: A Michael Tiemann collection

Michael Tiemann is Vice President of Open Source Affairs at Red Hat and former President of the Open Source Initiative. He has written many articles for speaking to the power of the open source way, and part of his process has been to highlight the great ideas of others. Glean insight from a true open source visionary and learn how can you apply those principles to your business, career, life, hobbies, and more with this eBook.

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How open source is shaping the future of business and our lives: All Things Open conference interview series

This eBook is a collection of our interviews of some of the speakers of the first All Things Open conference, which aims to explore open source and the open web in the enterprise. This interview series asks top developers, technologists, and decision makers to share how they got started in open source, why they use it today, and what the future holds for their business, and for our lives.

Download here.

Open source video editing for beginners: Kdenlive series

This eBook introduces aspiring videographers to Kdenlive, a powerful multi-track video editor available for GNU/Linux. Independent multimedia artist Seth Kenlon demonstrates how the software can perform both basic and advanced video editing techniques, so anyone—from first-time directors to seasoned veterans—can quickly begin leveraging this freely-available tool. Learn more about video editing the open source way with this eBook.

Download here.


We hope you enjoy these free eBooks. Please leave us feedback about your experience reading them in the comment section below. 

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