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How is a local Wiki project different than Wikipedia?

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Reid Serozi (@reidserozi), founder of TriangleWiki, explains how the project was created from the structure of LocalWiki, a platform and storage hub for events, people, places, and things in an area. Information like this is put on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook regularly, but only lasts for a few seconds, a few minutes, or if we're lucky, a few days. LocalWikis are created to capture this content for the longterm.

How is a local Wiki project different than Wikipedia?

First, they have two things in common, they both:

  • capture different versions of information on a topic
  • are licensed under Creative Commons

The difference with a LocalWiki is that the content comes from the people who live in and love their city. The information is far-reaching and specific to that area. In turn, this kind of involvement encourages the residents and citizens to do more, see more, and give back to their community. Creating more things to document and store in the wiki!

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