Four reasons we need open source beat making software

Four reasons we need open source beat making software

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The Beat Making Lab is back, with Pierce Freelon and the Apple Juice Kid. In this video, the music-making duo walks us through why the world needs open source beat making software.

They first shared their idea and vison to create free and open source software to take to youth of the Congo with us last year after they attended and were inspired at the Rio+Social conference held by the United Nations.

So, why do we need open source beat making software, anyway?

#4 — It doesn't exist (yet)

When the Apple Juice Kid, like many others, goes to make a beat he needs many things to make that happen: a drum machine, synthesizer, sampler... This doesn't exist as one, free, downloadable package. Yet.

#3 — It's free

Beat making is expensive; unfortunately, it's not something everyone can engage in. To allow people of all types, from all backgrounds and walks of life to have access beat making, we need free, open source software.

#2 — Bootlegging isn't sustainable

It's llegal. It's frustrating. And, it can be dangerous.

#1 — Pamoja

This word in the Congo refers to a way of life, a mentality and philosophy of being "in solidarity." Free, open source beat making software is an opportunity to bring the world closer together, connecting people and cultures, through music.

To be part of this open source software movement, join the Beat Making Lab mailing list for news and ways to participate. Watch their latest video here.

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