21 open hardware enthusiasts to follow on Twitter

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The open hardware movement, much like the open source movement as a whole, is constantly growing and changing.

To celebrate our open hardware series—and to help keep you in the loop on all things open hardware—we've rounded up 21 makers, tinkerers, and open hardware enthusiasts to follow on Twitter. Want more? Check out @opensourceway's full open hardware list.

Note: Information about each person has been pulled from their Twitter profile and copy edited for easier reading.

21 open hardware enthusiasts to follow on Twitter

@TheArduinoGuy | Michael McRoberts

Author of Beginning Arduino, now in its 2nd Edition. Arduino and electronics enthusiast. Maker. Amateur astronomer. Cat botherer. #ArduinoHero

@echoshack | Tony Wakefield

Arduino, RaspberryPi, Intel, Edison, hacker, 3D printing, author of Echo Shack Ham Radio, Ap contributor to Open Hand Project and New Fingers


@ben_nuttall | Ben Nuttall

Education developer advocate for the @Raspberry_Pi Foundation. In to free software, maths, kayaking, GitHub, Adventure Time & Futurama.

@FozzTexx | Chris Osborn

I fix stuff, I build stuff, I invent stuff: #DIY, #Maker, #Arduino, #RaspberryPi, coin-op, arcade, pinball, woodworking, retrocomputing, DevOps

@zengirl2 | Leslie Birch

Certifiable geek into tech art, wearable tech, citizen science, Arduino, video, robots, birding, Star Wars, and Japanese culture. Major vegan foodie. INFJ/P

@spotrh | Tom Callaway

Co-author of Raspberry Pi Hacks, Linux hacker, geocacher, pinball wizard, board gamer, role player, frog lover, hockey nut, and SciFi fan.

@dcschelt |  David Scheltema

Technical Editor (), OSHWA, EFF & FSF member. Into BeagleBoards, Arduino, AVR, & a Linux geek since 1.2. Recovering tennis pro.

@gabriella_sneel | Gabriella Sneel

Creative tech, artist, coder, open source hardware designer working on Protei robotic sailboats

| Nick Normal

Artist, maker, librarian, diplomat, Queens enthusiast, World Maker Faire, Ciao!

@cibomahto | cibomahto

Maker, hacker, dreamer, organizer


@msenese | Mike Senese

Executive Editor,  magazine. TV host on Discovery & Science Channel—How Stuff Works, Punkin Chunkin, etc.

@dalepd | Dale Dougherty

Founder of MAKE Magazine and creator of Maker Faire, CEO of Maker Media. Board member of O'Reilly Media.

@scanlime | Micah Scott

Art engineer, chaos demon, technical mystic, time traveller from the distant present.

@mbanzi | Massimo Banzi

Arduino co-founder. I make stuff. Tweeting a link doesn't mean endorsing its content.

@EddieKrassenste | Eddie Krassenstein

Co-founder & Journalist/Reporter at  and

@ChipAddict | Nathan Seidle

SparkFun guru, BatchPCB creator, hardware evangelist


@chr1sa | Chris Anderson

3D Robotics CEO, DIY Drones, ex Wired EIC, Long Tail, FREE, Makers, GeekDad, etc. And five great kids who put up with it all.

@mellis | David A. Mellis

I'm a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab and a co-founder of the Arduino electronics prototyping platform.

@ProfPearce | Joshua Pearce

I run the Michigan Tech's Open Sustainability Technology Lab. We explore #solar #PV #energy #3Dprinting #reprap #green #openhardware

@Jadon | Jason Kridner

BeagleBoard.org community guy and open source evangelist at TI

@suehle | Ruth Suehle

Open Source and Standards at Red Hat. Editor, GeekMom.com & Opensource.com. Co-author Raspberry Pi Hacks. Sewing, cake-ing, making.

Is someone missing from this list? Add their handle in the comment section below so we can check them out and add them to our list on Twitter.


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I really enjoy these who to follow on twitter posts

I do, too. I followed everyone on the list. :)

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