Top 5 articles of the week: January 15

Top 5: Which Linux distro do you use?, Linux for music, and more

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In this week's Top 5 articles of the week, we highlight an interview with Bob Reselman about documentation best practices, the top 10 legal developments of last year in FOSS, two tutorials for Linux and music, and the results of our poll asking which Linux distro do you use?

Top 5 articles of the week

5. 7 rules for creating world class technical documentation

Rikki Endsley interviews Bob Reselman, who will be presenting at SCaLE 14x this year, about his 7 rules for writing world class technical documentation. Find out which projects are getting it right.


4. Top 10 open source legal developments in 2015

Mark Radcliffe shares his 10 picks for the top legal developments in free and open source software last year. 


3. Configuring Linux for music recording and production

Aaron Wolf will be presenting at the SCaLE 14x conference this year, and prior to that event he shares an article with us about his practical tips for getting your Linux-based computer ready to handle professional-quality music recording, editing, and production.

2. How to set up a Linux-based music server at home

Chris Hermansen is back and explores some popular options for creating your own Linux-based music server, and looks at the hardware, software, and configuration issues which may emerge.

1. Which Linux distribution do you use?

Our annual poll is always a hit, and this one is no different. Currently, 3777 people have taken the poll and we have a few distros in the lead of the ten we included. We picked those ten by relying on to provide us with the highest ranking distributions from the past twelve months. Which Linux distro is your favorite?

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