GitLab's new features, Walmart's OneOps, The New York Times' Gizmo, and more news

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In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at Gizmo from The New York Times, GitLab's new features, OneOps continuous app lifecycle management software from Walmart, and more.

Open source news roundup for January 23 - 29, 2016

GitLab introduces new, big data friendly features

The Var Guy looked at the newest release of GitLab version 8.4. This new release of GitLab adds serveral new features, including supporting ElasticSearch, which greatly increases search speeds even when dealing with large ammounts of code or data. Other new features include: enhanced readability for diffs, optional support for two-factor authentication, and an improved importer for migrating projects from GitHub.

Open source becoming the 'new normal' for big data

Infoworld spoke with Mike Tuchen, CEO of Talend, a big-data vendor, about his views on open source and big data. The article is an brief, yet interesting, look at where big data is headed and why the future of big data is open source based on Talend's and Mike Tuchen's experience. According to Tuchan, "We expect the entire next-generation data platform will be open source."

Walmart releases OneOps for continuous app lifecycle management

Walmart first announced plans to open source the project last year, and has now released their OneOps DevOps platform as open source software. Developed by Walmart Labs, OneOps is designed "to both develop and launch new products faster, and more easily maintain them throughout their entire lifecycle." According to the announcement from Walmart Labs, one of the key benefits of OneOps is compatiblity with a wide variety of cloud environments, including "Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, CenturyLink Cloud and any cloud with an OpenStack endpoint."

The New York Times' open source microservices toolkit: Gizmo

The New York Times recently released Gizmo, an open source microservices toolkit. Gizmo is designed to help developers build microservice APIs and pubsub daemons. It is based on the Go programming language and provides standardized methods for dealing with configuration and logging and streamlined interfaces that simplify the development of APIs. For more details, check out ContainerJournal's coverage of the project. and have been sold

Two iconic mainstays have changed ownership. Slashdot Media, which includes and, has been sold to SourceForge Media, LLC, a newly created subsidiary of web publisher BIZX, LLC. Check out FOSS Force's Christine Hall's coverage for more details.

In other news

Thanks, as always, to staff members and moderators for their help this week. Make sure to check out our event calendar, to see what's happening next week in open source.

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