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A new directory of open source technology events

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For the past several years, Gabor Szabo has been the owner and primary editor of the Perl Weekly, and the Perl Maven. Never willing to rest on his laurels, he recently started the Code Maven Podcast, and recently, during the last week of October, he spun up his newest site, a listing of open source technology events.

This new site is pretty remarkable.

Gabor lists conferences coming up during the next few months: when a Call For Presentations due date is available, it's listed, and additional columns tell you where-and-when, and whether the conference has a Code of Conduct. Interestingly to me, Gabor has also created data points for whether the conference has publicly addressed accessibility issues. I find it telling that, while most conferences have adopted a Code of Conduct, only a tiny fraction publicly deal with matters of accessibility. It encourages me that Gabor has listed this as a feature on the site; more advocacy is needed, and I hope that Gabor's shining a light on this issue will help.

If you're looking for events to attend on a specific topic area, click "Topics" in the top menu to find conferences on a wide range of topic areas. Searches are also available on countries or specific cities.

If you are hosting an event, getting it added to the calendar is quite simple! Gabor takes those inputs as pull requests against his GitHub repo. The README file in the repo gives details of how to create the event data and submit it for inclusion. The site is brand-new, so there are quite a few conferences missing; why don't you make a pull request to add to the list?

Opensource.com also has a calendar of events you can use and submit to.

Editor's note: The author is an editor for the Perl Weekly.

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