Top 5 articles of the week: July 1

Top 5: Immigrant family gets Linux laptop, 7 myths, and more

Top 5 articles of the week on
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In this week's top 5, we highlight a Linux laptop for an immigrant family in the US, 7 open source myths busted, how to configure networking in Linux, tinyMediaManager to organize your files, and great features of music player, Guayadeque.

Top 5 articles of the week

5. 6 reasons why Guayadeque is a music lover's open source player

Chris Hermansen brings us his Open Music column, this week about a music player you may not have heard of. Learn about the features Chris says it has that other players lack.

4. Organize your movie and TV files with tinyMediaManager

Seth Kenlon tells us about tinyMediaManager, an open source media management tool that generates video file metadata.

3. How to configure networking in Linux

Connecting your Linux computer to a network is pretty straightforward, except when it is not. In this article, David Both discusses the main network configuration files for Red Hat-based Linux distributions, and takes a look at the two network startup services, the venerable network startup and the controversial NetworkManager.

2. 7 myths about open sourcing your company's software

Amanda Folson talked at SouthEast LinuxFest this summer in Charlotte, NC about how making the choice to open source your code or project can be scary. A lot of times that fear is based in misconceptions about what happens when you open source your code. In this article, she busts the myths.

1. How I welcomed an immigrant family with a Linux laptop

Maryland libriarian Phil Shapiro sees a new family move to town and come to his library looking for help getting a job, learning English, or learning about the area once or twice a month. He often helps by lending laptops, and introducing people to Linux and other open source tools. Find out about his latest experience in this post.

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