A recap of the January 18, 2017, #OpenOrgChat

Making the open organization work(book)

What's your 2018 open organization resolution? Community members shared theirs at last month's #OpenOrgChat on Twitter.

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The open organization community sure knows how to throw a party.

On January 18, 2017, everyone gathered on Twitter to celebrate The Open Organization Workbook, released last December. Conversation from contributors was lively and sharp.

Here's a recap of all the enlightening chatter.

Q1: What's your OpenOrg 2018 resolution? How do you want to work more openly in the new year?

Q2: What are the biggest transparency challenges facing orgs today? How can we overcome them?

Q3: What's the value of #inclusivity in an OpenOrg? What steps can we take to make orgs more inclusive?

Q4: What prevents orgs from exercising adequate #adaptability? What can we do to create more flexible, agile, responsive teams?

Q5: What blocks #collaboration on most teams (or across most orgs)? What are your go-to strategies for fostering collaborative work?

Q6: What is #community? Why is community important to orgs today? How can we enhance community spirit in our everyday work?

Q7: What do you find is most difficult for people to understand about working openly?

Q8: Authors, why did you contribute to #TheOpenOrg Workbook? Readers, how do you imagine you'll use #TheOpenOrg Workbook with your colleagues and teammates?

Q9: What additional resources do you recommend others use to catalyze beneficial changes to their organizational cultures? What do you wish existed to help your teams become more open?

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