Evolving the Open Organization community

Evolving the Open Organization community

Follow our series tracking the growth and evolution of an open source project—as it's happening.

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The Open Organization project and community are evolving—and we're taking Opensource.com readers behind the scenes, so they can watch this open source community grow and change firsthand.

Please join us by following our ongoing series.

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a big flag flying in a sea of other flags, teamwork

Open communities are living, breathing entities that grow and change. Join us as we help one evolve.
A two way street sign

As open projects mature, their governance models inevitably change. Here's how we're evolving ours.
Brand and community balancing on a see-saw

A community's brand is its visual identity, its logo a unifying symbol. How does a community rebrand in the open?

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Bryan Behrenshausen
Bryan Behrenshausen - Bryan edits and manages the Open Organization section of Opensource.com, which features stories about the ways open values and principles are changing how we think about organizational culture and design. He's worked on Opensource.com since 2011. Find him online as semioticrobotic.