SCaLE 14x

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The Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) is the largest community-run open source and free software conference in North America. The SCaLE 14x series provides preview speaker interviews and reports on the 2016 event. The 14th annual Southern California Linux Expo will be held January 21-24, 2016, in Pasadena. 

Article collection

  1. 7 rules for creating world class technical documentation—by Rikki Endsley, interview with Bob Reselman 

  2. Girl Scouts: Cookies or code?—by Jen Wike Huger, interview with Carrie Raleigh

  3. Open source communities need mentors—by Charlie Reisinger, interview with Jenn Greenaway

  4. Configuring Linux for music recording and production—by Aaron Wolf, speaker at SCaLE 14x

  5. How conference organizers can create better attendee experiences—by Vicky Brasseur and Josh Berkus

  6. ScyllaDB: Cassandra compatibility at 1.8 million requests per node—by David Both, interview with Don Marti

  7. 3 smart GIMP tricks—by Rikki Endsley, interview with Akkana Peck

  8. Using strace to track system calls in Linux—by Jason Baker, interview with Alex Juarez

  9. Young maker talks software defined radio, open source, and mentors—by Don Watkins, interview with Schuyler St. Leger, young maker

  10. Lessons learned (the hard way) doing DevOps at scale—by Deb Nicholson, interview with Victor Garendran, Ticketmaster

  11. An introduction to OpenStack clouds for beginners—by Sandeep Khuperkar, interview with Anthony Chow

  12. Doc like an Egyptian: Managing project documentation with Sphinx—by Rikki Endsley, interview with Dru Lavigne

  13. Hacking the patent system: Open source and patents—by Rob Tiller, interview with Daniel Nazer

  14. Open source software powers NASA's Mars VR project—by Aleksandar Todorovic, interview with Parker Abercombie

  15. How Kubernetes is helping Docker blossom—by Pete Savage, interview with Jason Brooks

  16. A minimalistic approach to debugging—by David Both, interview with Katrina Hayes

  17. The state of container security—by Andy Thornton, interview with Thomas Cameron

  18. Cory Doctorow on influencing the future instead of predicting it—by Bryan Behrenshausen, interview with Cory Doctorow

  19. 8 reasons to make the switch to IPv6—by Girish Managoli, interview with Owen DeLong

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