The Business collection is about the intersection between open source and the future of business.

What's the total cost of ownership for an OpenStack cloud?

OpenStack Summit
In this interview, hear from Massimo Ferrari and Erich Morisse on their total cost of ownership model, which they will be sharing at the OpenStack...Read more

How to become an advanced contributor to OpenStack

OpenStack Summit interview
At the Austin OpenStack Summit, Ildikó Váncsa will be giving a talk on how to become an advanced contributor to OpenStack.Read more

Decoding DevOps, Docker, and Git

LinuxFest Northwest interview with Corey Quinn
Even as accepted standards on how to do it "right" remain elusive, DevOps is a crucial element of modern IT.Read more

Refactoring open source business models

Refactoring open source business models
Open source businesses have unique challenges as a result of the main product being freely licensed. We look at a few business models to help turn a...Read more

Analyzing gender diversity in the OpenStack community

In this interview, Bitergia's Daniel Izquierdo offers a preview of his OpenStack Summit talk, Gender-diversity analysis of technical contributions in...Read more

How to be a good OpenStack mentor

OpenStack Summit interview
At the Austin OpenStack Summit, Victoria Martinez de la Cruz will be speaking on how to provide excellent mentorship opportunities for newcomers to...Read more

Coffee Shop DevOps: Complexity of change

Coffee shop
Like everything, DevOps evolves, which means you and your organization must continually learn and evolve with it.Read more

The future of development with OpenShift and OpenStack

OpenStack Summit interview with Scott McCarty
Containers are changing the face of development. In this interview, Scott McCarty shares his thoughts about how OpenShift and OpenStack work together...Read more