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3 steps to writing an open source project case study

Case studies help highlight open source projects, while also gathering information to improve them. Here's how to create an open source project case...Read more

3 best practices for bootstrapping an open source business

Every company has different needs and challenges, and patterns of success are equally variant. But that doesn't change the core requirements to a...Read more

Why open source and enterprise users are natural allies

Numerous real-world examples clearly demonstrate that pairing open source technology with a commercial business to refine marketing and delivery to...Read more

Top 5 open source project management tools in 2015

Five new open source project management tools for 2015 plus updates of the tools mentioned in our 2014 list. All in all, this article gives a good...Read more

How to explain open source to the in-laws

Open source evangelist Brian Proffitt explains open source to his father-in-law by way of book analogy. His explanation of course is open to use and...Read more

Top 10 open source in business stories of 2014

Business is one of the prime areas of focus on, so naturally we've accumulated a lot of great information over the year about tools...Read more

Tin Whiskers Brewery bucks the trend of secret recipes

Brewing beer is a notoriously secretive business. But the Tin Whiskers Brewing Company is trying to buck the trend by going open source.Read more

Microsoft gets on board with open source

Ship sails in the sky
With news of Microsoft making the server side of .NET open source, we look at how the creation of the .NET foundation might foster open development...Read more